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Living Fresh 3500 SQF Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Ionic Air Purifier Clean Air

Amazon Price: $119.95 (as of September 12, 2013 5:47 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This iconic ozone cleaner is a state-of-the-art air purification system made of stainless steel and solid cherry color wood cabinetry. The air purifier eliminates odors from molds, pollens, allergies, chemical gases, dust, tobacco smoke, pet smells, paint fumes, food and beverages, which causes sneezing, asthma, itchy eyes, sinus and ear irritations. It covers up to 3,500 square feet of space, which is an ideal unit to have for homes, hotels, schools, clinics, hospitals, restaurants, bars, warehouses and others.

DESCRIPTIONS: Stainless Steel and Solid Cherry Color Wood Cabinetry; Breaks Down Odor Causing Pollutants and Dropping Airborne Particulate From your Breathing Space; Recreates The Natural Balance of +/- Ions to Significantly Reduce Air borne Particulate; Control Negative Ion Generator, Which Separate From the Oxygen Control; Negative Ions Created Around the Clock to Keep Down Dust and Particulate; Ceramic Plate Filter Captures Particles Like Radioactive Dust in Atomic Plants; Plate Receiver Slot-Allows Insertion and Removal of Ceramic Plates for Cleaning; Fuse Holder-Houses Removable Fuse (Spare fuse included, 1amp, 1.25 inch); Power Cord- 120 Volt Grounded Cord.

WHERE TO USE?: Homes & Living Areas; Offices & Stores; Water & Fire Damaged Areas; New Paint & Wallpaper Areas; Hospitals & Nursing Homes; Veterinary Offices; Smoking Areas; Hotel Rooms; High Pollen Environments; Attics & Basements; Laundry Rooms; Medical Offices; Day Care Centers; Stables & Aviaries; Locker Rooms; Restaurants & Bars
INCLUDES: (1) Iconic Air Purifier; (2) FREE Washable Ceramic plates; (1) User Guide; (1) Spare Fuse

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  • Shipping Weight: 14 pounds

Customer Reviews

This is the REAL DEAL

 June 5, 2012
By Smiling Wolf "Mike"

I just got this from UPS about 4 hours ago. After spending a month checking out home air purifiers, I settled on the idea of getting an ion generator/ ozone cleaner because it made sense.
After scanning all of the air purifiers on Amazon, I came across Living Fresh and was impressed by all of the positive customer reviews, so I ordered it last week.

It came packaged in an extremely well packaged box and it impressed me right off with its’ sturdy construction and heft. The solid cherry wood and tight construction impressed. I have seen extremely similar products to this one claiming to do the very same thing and costing several hundred dollars more.

This product has clear and simple instructions. Just insert the two ceramic plates in the two slots in the back and plug it in. I set the ozone switch to the lowest setting and the negative ionizer on the high setting.

Within minutes, it changed the atmosphere throughout my bedroom. I work out with kettlebells in my bedroom and it was beginning to smell like a gym locker room and despite the fact that my sense of smell is pretty non existent, it was starting to get to even me, so I bought this. Within that first hour, it changed from stinky socks to a clean fresh smell exactly like that smell outdoors right after a rainstorm or a thunderstorm.

Within two hours, my entire house has gone through a transformation in the atmosphere. It actually smells clean and fresh. Odors and cooking smells, etc are GONE! That is truly amazing to me since I usually don’t smell or discern smells easily. If I notice it, it is saying something.

I actually felt my mood improve noticeably and I LIKED IT! This is an astounding effect because I am not usually the “Mr Happy” type of guy. And, I am absolutely sure this is not some placebo effect going on. I am not open to suggestion very easily. This is the REAL DEAL!

This thing works gangbusters and it works fast.

Now, the big question for me is: How long will this product last? Will keep going one year? two years? even three years? If it can I consider that a major success since it only cost a little over $119.

I will follow the directions and clean and maintain each month and I will keep my fingers crossed!


 December 22, 2011
By zogg "moon"

Keep the buttons on low,this thing cranks out the juice,use with timer.mine is set to run 1 hr ever 4-6 hrs a+ it has a very high out put,good product for the money,

Air Purifier-Zilla

 November 26, 2011
By Steve

Just to let you know, I have seen all sort of smoke eaters and this one at the price is so powerful that is is amazing to be in the same room that feels like a rain just passed through and, ther was a lightning storm. I cannot believe how this takes all the smoke, dust and junk out of the air so well. Great Purchase for the price and value!


 March 14, 2013

I have had a similar model of the same type ozone purifier before. It was quite expensive to purchase, and cost more than this one just to have it repaired when it quit. After it quit on me a 2nd time, I purchased a few “single room” smaller type air filters, that cost more than this one in total, and did not produce ozone “fresh” air. They were a disappointment. They quit on me too, and I have been without an air purifier for about a year now.

We live in Florida, where it is hot and humid most of the year. Since we have our AC running throughout the year almost nonstop, the air in the house is just recirculated. When we do get cooler weather, the outside air seems to have a lot of pollen, so opening windows sounds nice in theory but creates havoc with sinus and eye irritation. Add a couple of dogs and cats to the mix, and the result is sneezing, itchy eyes and lots of allergy medication for all (5) of us.

When I saw this one, read the reviews, and did some comparisons, I decided to order because I knew I couldn’t live without one of these purifiers any longer. As soon as I received it, I took it out of the box, pushed in the two ozone plates, and plugged it in. Very simple.

Almost immediately, it changed the air in the room I put it in. It is like fresh, mountain air, and just has a different “feel” to it, as well as the fresh smell. I turned on my air intake (since it happened to be a rare day when I didn’t need the AC on) and let it fill the air ducts with the ozonated and ionized air. I followed the instructions included, and turned the ozone on low, and the ionizer on high. Within about 2 hours, my whole house was refreshed. Even the closets were fresh.

The difference in our home is really astonishing. I didn’t tell anybody that I had purchased it. As soon as they walked in the house from school and work, they noticed immediately. The first thing that struck me was my sinus pressure had reduced. What a relief. I have been battling a constant sinus infection for a long time, and have been on antibiotics, take allergy and sinus medication daily (also prescription). I take these medications almost continuously, as does one of my sons, who also has a lot of allergy issues. These medications, since taking them for more than a year, are killing me from the inside out. I just can’t do it anymore. I am hoping to now be able to stop the medications. Until now, I never paid attention to the correlation of taking the medications and when my last good purifier quit, but the timeline does coincide.

I am hoping this Living Fresh purifier will last a while. I’ve done without it for way too long. I will take the advice included in my instructions and put it on a timer to cycle on and off, so as not to run continously. That will probably add to the life of the machine. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.

***UPDATE*** March 20, 2013
I still love it and decided to give an update to give some specific ways I have used the machine.
First, I did get a light timer and plugged it in to switch on a few times a day, rather than letting it run continously. That way, I don’t have to conciously turn it off and on. Works well by doing that since I work from my home office and am here all the time. I don’t want to breathe the ozone continuously thoughout my day, but I do like to freshen the air and remove cooking odors.

In reading about the benefits of ozone, I decided to freshen a mattress. I removed the sheets, set the unit on the bed, turned it up on high output (both settings). Then, I took a sheet, covered the front fan output, leaving the back open for circulation. I put the pillows under the sheet (still on the bed) and draped the sheet over the mattress. My goal was to kill any dust mites while holding in the ozone being emitted. I closed the room, but checked on the machine to make sure it was running properly, and basically let it run for about an hour. My mattress and pillows were fresh, and my sheets and pillow cases smelled like they had been line dried outside. Needless to say, we slept well! Also, once the process was completed I opened the windows and aired out the room to get rid of residual ozone smell. Wow, what a way to freshen a bedroom.

Another thing I did was clean my boy’s bathroom. Anyone with teenage boys, knows what a challenge that can be. There was some mildew in the grout that was hard to remove. I placed the air purifier in the bathroom and closed the door. After about an hour I went in and opened the window to air it out. Then I wiped and scrubbed with bleach and cleanser. I couldn’t believe how much easier the mildew stains came out with less scrubbing/elbow grease! Unbelievable. I think the ozone had started killing the mildew and made it easier for the bleach to work. I then put the air purifier back in the bathroom to remove the bleach smell. Then aired it out again. Nothing left but CLEAN!

I also freshened my AC air intake. I opened up the vent and removed the filter. I placed the air purifier unit inside the large duct and turned it on (the AC was turned off). Partially closed the vent by propping it in place. Let it saturate the inside of the intake and ducts. Left it for about and hour before turning it off, then let it air out before turning on the AC. It seems to have removed the musty smell that had been coming out of my air vents.

This is a wonderful product!

Careful with the O3

 October 24, 2011
By splinterhood

This thing de-smellerizez the air like a champ. We dont usually have the O3 on because it produces so much ozone. very briefly we turn it on low, then back off. We leave the Ionizer part on most of the time though. Quiet and nice to look at with separate knobs so it is very nice.

Good Ozone / Neg Ion Machine, But No Warranty!

 December 24, 2011
By Jeremiah

There is no warranty or contact information provided for the Living Fresh Air Cleaner. I have written to the seller and they confirm there is no warranty offered with this product. The trade off is for the low price .

On the other hand, ozone was evident the second I turned it on! Cabinet looks good too. Aside from the cleaner air there are certain benefits from the ozone and neg ions which help me to feel much less stress, more peaceful and centered, kind of like a natural high. I’ve had it for 6 months + and it is working great. May get an other for my mother.

This is from China and the quality is exceptional, right down to the heavy duty click of the off on switch. It has 2 times as many plates as my broken, $500 Alpine Air (Which had no neg-Ion and cost a minimum $170 + to repair).

I tried the Surround Air Multi-Tech XJ-3000Cother Ozone neg ion devise on Amazon but it fell short of producing any evident ozone so I returned them.

Best price for this air purifier type

 February 17, 2013
By bassman bill "Bill"

I did a lot of research online for an air purifier for our home. This style of air purifier is the simplist to own, requiring no filter changes; just occassional ozone plate cleaning. It is sold under different names but is made by the same manufacturer, and it appears to be identical in materials and function. It was the least expensive one on the internet. Delivered in new condition. It’s been running since purchase. It is a quiet air purifier. I am happy with the purchase. Just be aware that due to it’s low price, it only comes with a 30 warranty, but again, it is identical in materials and function, so why spend the extra money for a warranty? This style unit should run trouble free for many years. A friend of mine has the same type air purifier, and she has had no issues over the past 10 or so years since her purchase. Good value.

Ozone may be completely safe

 February 18, 2012
By Aquialgo

Ozone is completely safe and effective when occurring within FDA and OSHA standards of 0.05 ppm (parts per million). In healthy and clean outdoor environments, ozone occurs between 0.02 ppm and 0.05 ppm. –Self-Policing –In addition, the smell of ozone will become unpleasant and obnoxious well before reaching harmful levels, serving as a built-in and self-policing safety mechanism. If this happens, you know to make an adjustment (i.e. adjust setting of machine, increase air flow, place in more open/larger area). However, at proper levels (0.02 ppm to 0.05 ppm), it will have a pleasant and clean smell to it, reminiscent of the smell outside after a lightening storm.

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